Welcome to basic games!

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Welcome to my Basic games in python!

My pong game

In the code below the first two lines define the screen size in pixel

In the line three and four define the ball and bat position and size

The line five and six define the speed or velocity of the ball

def is a funtion named draw. It drwas the screen with a color. The color is produced with three numbers from 0 to 255. The first number the red color 209, /p> WIDTH = 1000 HEIGHT = 650 ball = Rect((250, 450), (35, 35)) bat = Rect((200, 480), (250, 30)) vx = 5 vy = 5 def draw(): screen.fill((34,240,224)) screen.draw.filled_rect(ball, "purple") screen.draw.filled_rect(bat, "green") def update(): global vx, vy ball.x += vx ball.y += vy if ball.right > WIDTH or ball.left < 0: vx = -vx if ball.colliderect(bat) or ball.top <0: vy = -vy if ball.bottom > HEIGHT: exit() if(keyboard.right): bat.x += 6 elif(keyboard.left): bat.x -= 6