Welcome to my Basic games in python!

I am Lluis. In this webpage you will find my codes using Python.

  1. First code
    print("Enter your name:")
    x = input()
    print("Hello", x)
    if x == "Lluis":
       print("That is a very cool name")
    elif x == "Juan":
        print("That is rubbish name")
        print("I do not know your name",x)
  2. In the first code "Print" instuction it shows in the screen the message "Enter your name"
  3. "Input" instruction means what is introduced with the keyboard by the user and it is stored in the variable X
  4. To study SO2 polution using Python and Matplotli
  5. Edit the big-head images, Devil's bridge images and all images involved in the game using GIMP editor and substitute the images in the game.
  6. To learn more about HTML, CSS and Javascript, check out these tutorials and www.w3schools.com!